Show hidden/masked passwords behind asterisks

Note : This post is strictly for educational purpose only !

The following tricks have been tested in FireFox & Chrome web browsers.

  • When you enter your password in a web browser you may find that it gets replaced by asterisks or dots.
  • This is a good security measure to prevent others from stealing your login info.
  • In some cases, the asterisks will be different when compared to the number of characters of your password.
  • This adds additional security to prevent people from guessing your passwords.

But now the real scenario comes into play.

You have used “Remember my password” option in your web browser to store your password.Most modern browsers saves your password on behalf of these websites.

So if you want to change that password to a new one you are required to provide the old password to the website.Since you have used the remember option you might require to reveal the hidden password.In such cases the following tips comes handy. (Note: You may also try forgot my password option in that website if it is available. But this trick is very easy and consumes little or no time)

Trick 1:

javascript:var els = document.getElementsByTagName('input');for(var x = 0; x < els.length; x++) {if(els[x].type.toLowerCase() == 'password' ) {var test = els[x].type = 'text';}}

Enter the above javascript in the address bar of firefox browser. Now the asterisks will be replaced by real password.


(drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar for easier access)

Trick 2:


(Note: disable popup blocker. This script can detect iframe passwords.)

Unmask 2

(bookmark for trick2)

Trick 3: (not recommended)

Use password revealer applications such as asterisk key .

To safeguard your password:

These tricks mostly work in web browsers but to safeguard you should have physical security control since no security suite will alert for the first two tricks and these cannot be applied for windows password and the like.

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